Home Backup System - Medium
$ 5,536.15

Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing you've got emergency backup power for critical items during a blackout or an extended emergency situation, such as a natural disaster.

This Home Backup System incorporates an inverter and auto transfer switch that monitors grid power. If the grid goes down or is disconnected, it will power your home from the battery bank in less than a second, keeping your critical loads online until grid power is restored. This is a great source of emergency backup power for hurricane season! Provides 4,800 Watt Hours of battery capacity.

System includes:

*2,000 Watt 120VAC Magnum Energy Pure Sinewave Inverter

*(4) UPG UB-GC2 AGM Batteries

*Magnum Energy ME-RC 50 Remote

*MidNite Solar MNSPD300 Surge Suppressor

*Magnum Energy ME-BMK Battery Monitor

*Magnum Energy MNBE-D Enclosure

Add a Portable Generator or Solar Panel to this system for even more capabilities!

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