"our off grid system is working perfectly. These guys know their stuff."

-Charles N

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What's Up with Wind: Your Small Scale Wind Energy Questions Answered

Wind energy may appear like a no brainer for renewable energy production in many places. Is it always windy at your location? Doesn't it seem like it would an easy thing to harness all that free potential energy? Q: The wind is always blowing at my house, should I go...

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Battery Storage - The Weak Link in Successful Renewable Energy System Integration

As solar panels, wind turbines and other forms of clean energy technologies continue to advance one key component continues to lag behind - the all-important battery. Without energy storage in the form of batteries, the clean energy created by these systems is very limited in its ability to provide energy...

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5 Micro-Hydro Myths Debunked

Micro-Hydro systems are a great way to produce large quantities of electricity from moving water. If the right conditions exist significantly more kilowatt-hours can be made over solar, wind and other forms of small-scale renewable energy systems. This is because solar and wind power is intermittent. The sun shines only...

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