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Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!

At the first of the year we added a new category: Off Grid Solar System Kits. These complete and comprehensive kits are designed to allow you an easy way to cover your power needs in an off grid capacity. Kits are designed for most locations. We are happy to help customize your particular setting if it has unique challenges.

Check out Off Grid Solar System Kits.

In other news, Off Grid Depot is excited to be attending the first Practical Prepper Expo in Colorado Springs, CO in April 2015. We will be traveling to the event with sample products for display and hands on experimentation. All products will be available to purchase at the event. See the Practical Prepper Expo here

Over and over again we see energy outages leaving people in the dark. With simple preparedness options this can be easily prevented. That's our mission here at Off Grid Depot: to keep the lights on and normalcy in your life when the grid goes down. In our next post we will detail some simple solutions for Powering Your Prep, whether it's a one time emergency or your life's work. Stay tuned....