How much solar do I need for my RV?
That depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are simply looking to maintain the RV batteries when not in use you can get away with a small panel in the 10 to 40 watt range; assuming you store the RV outside. If your objective is to power your RV while in use I always recommend as much wattage as you can fit on the roof. Dirt, shading and other real life conditions will affect the system performance so more wattage is definitely the key to success when solar is your primary power source. Overestimation is always beneficial when budgeting is not paramount and we always suggest redundancy when it comes to prepping a vehicle for offgrid use.

Are your prepackaged off grid systems easy to install?
If you have experience doing residential electrical work, roof work, basic construction projects, etc you should have no problems installing our system packages. They are designed to be as DIY friendly as possible but you still need to have at least basic construction and electrical skills to handle such a project. A competent DIYer with the help of an electrician/handyman should have no issues.

How long do your products take to ship?
Portable solar products, wind turbines, and RV systems generally have a one week lead time. Our custom products like our home backup systems and off grid system packages are made in house to order. Expect a 4 week lead time on any of these products.

How large of a generator do I need?
How big of a house do you have? What are your backup power requirements? If you are looking to backup just the essentials like well pumps, refrigerators, and lighting you could get away with a smaller unit in the 7Kw to 11Kw range. People needing whole house backup and especially for houses with air conditioners should look in the 16Kw to 25Kw range. We also recommend choosing a generator fueled by LP or Natural Gas. These generators can tolerate long stretches of inactivity unlike gasoline generators.

Can your products help me successfully live off the grid?
Absolutely! Besides selling products, we are involved with the planning and installation of actual off grid projects in the Colorado mountains. Our experience spans from powering remote homes & lodges, telecommunication sites, remote security systems, and RV's. We know the products we supply and can help you with any off the grid project. Contact us!